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時間階(jie)段: 16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing, Daily (4月26日,4月28-30日,5月19-20日)


Course 1: introduction to precision agriculture, land variability and case studies (2 hours); map-based and sensor-based variable rate technologies (2 hours) 

April 26 16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing Monday

April 28 16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing Wednesday

Course 2: unmanned aerial vehicles in agriculture (2 hours); remote and proximal sensing in PA: from satellites to yield mapping (2 hours)

April 29  16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing Thursday 

April 30  16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time - Beijing Friday 

- Day 3: precision livestock farming: systems, sensors and IoT (2 hours); precision livestock farming: case studies and practical application (2 hours)

May 19  16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time – Beijing  Wednesday

May 20  16:00-18:00(GMT+08:00) China Standard Time – Beijing  Thursday


Francesco Marinello

Francesco Marinello,意(yi)大(da)利(li)帕多瓦大(da)學(xue),教授,長期從事精(jing)準(zhun)農業(ye)、土(tu)壤監測(ce)傳(chuan)感器等領(ling)域(yu)的研(yan)究與教學(xue)工作。

Francesco   Marinello is a researcher in biosystems engineering at the University of   Padova (Italy). After his PhD in precision engineering and metrology jointly   supervised by the Technical University of Denmark (Lingby, Denmark), he spent   two years at the InterUniversity Center for Nanotechnologies (Venice, Italy)   and two years at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern   Switzerland (Lugano, Switzerland). Since 2012 he is researcher at the   University of Padova (Padova, Italy) and since 2017 Adjunct professor at the   University of Georgia (Athens, USA): he is responsible for the courses in   Agricultural Mechanics, Precision Farming, Applied Statistics and Unmanned   Aerial Vehicles for Agriculture. Francesco Marinello is Associate Editor of   Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, Editorial Board member of   Agriculture, Editorial Board member of Heliyon, Editorial Board member of   Data in Brief, Review Editor for Technical Advances in Plant Science.

聯系人: 郭浩     郵箱:guohaolys@tokyo-az.com

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